Saturday, 25 August 2012

Blogspot is my new home!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog.
I've decided to relocate my personal posts from tumblr to Blogspot for a billion difference reasons, but mostly because I love the Blogger interface and I'm feeling too old amongst some of the faces on tumblr these days!

To introduce myself, above is my face and my absolute favourite hair clip. I have quite a large collection of plastic hair clips from the 50s and 60s!
I intend to make this blog about my love of collecting and times past. I love to mix styles from different era's and get dressed up. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!




  1. YAY you made a blogspot blog, so glad :D

  2. hello and welcome to blogger! i'm looking forward your future post because i can see we have some common interests. can't wait to see more of you, you look so adorable!

    Stop Whispering

  3. love your glasses!

  4. Welcome to blogspot. I've just started a blog here too.
    Very glad you made the switch because it looks like you're going to post interesting things!

    le fresne x

  5. PS "I Am the One who runs the world. You're here to prepare for Heaven. You cannot make it to the Great Beyond on your own." -Jesus

    ...and I, as a sinfull mortal, help in this symbiotic relationship: take part in this glorious, Christmas gift; this wonderFULL, Heavenly Kingdom that we may live forever. God bless you with discernment.