Friday, 31 August 2012

Welcome, Spring!

Hello lovelies!

I trust you are all welcoming the beginning of the new season in the appropriate ways. Whether it be breaking out the dark hues and knee high socks for fall or enjoying the florals and pastels of Spring like me! 
What better way to enjoy the beginning of a new season than appreciating my two pastel 50s beaded sweaters? Anyone who knows me would know I am partial to a beaded sweater or two (or, erm... five) and here is the detail on my two current favourites;

I have my eye on a pastel yellow one at the moment from a wonderful Etsy seller, I can almost guarantee if I do get my hands on such a thing you will not see me out of it! Apart from increasing my collection of sweaters, my ever increasing 50s hair clip collection has seen a couple of new additions this week, with the introduction of two new pink bows, a set of salmon bows and the gorgeous pearly bubble one you can see pictured below. You'll notice that one of the clips is the matching brother to my favourite pink bow I posted last week, all the way from the other side of the globe!

And here's a picture of me enjoying both of those things!

I'm having a particularly cheery week as the health scare my cat experienced earlier in the  week has passed and she is back home with me as well as a few other things that seem to be going my way at the moment, I hope to spread these good vibes out to all of you! 

xoxo, Sarah Jane.


  1. on the other side of the world, we're welcoming fall with our hand wide open! :D i'm sick of heat and summer dresses, i want sweaters and dark colours.
    but i do love these pastels you've found! and love your hair too! <3

    Stop Whispering

  2. Ah I love pastels! Those sweaters are gorgeous, and you look lovely in that last photo! Glad to hear your kitty is okay! Lots of love! xx

  3. aaawwwwwww, these sweaters are to cute. this is what i'm looking for!

  4. Those sweaters are so great!


  5. You need to get some hair tutorials on the go, girl - there is too much excellence on that head of yours not to share around!

  6. Hi There, I love your blog. It always brightens my day so I've nominated you for a Leibster award. All the details can be found on my blog. Thank you again XXX

  7. Those cardigans are gorgeous and I really like your hair, you look so cute :)